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Marl, DE Overall Supporting Function: Oct 10, Bachelor or Master thesis of process engineering/biological and chemical engineering.

A girl at the desk. I wrote you about 2 weeks ago complaining about the Paoli, Indiana store about the fact they are so often out of every day items. Eventually they end up returning the tires as general merchandise so I can get a full refund. DR - Coach Driver - Gatwick. Your out of gift cards!

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Find Birmingham, Alabama Customer Service Manager jobs and career resources on Monster. Find all the information you need to land a Customer Service Manager job in Birmingham, Alabama and build a career.
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Sponsored - save job. Customer Service Manager Pavlus Travel. Are you an expert who understands what it means to deliver world-class service? Sponsored - 3 days ago - save job. Customer Service Supervisor Glasscrafters, Inc.

In addition, the successful candidate will be responsible for training, overseeing and guiding two Customer Service Representatives View all Glasscrafters, Inc. Oversee customer service agents and their duties. Call on customer accounts to provide services requested. Receive calls from customers and provide TOP level Understanding the Customer Service Process:. Provides customers with courteous, friendly, fast, and efficient service.

Provides customer service in the photo area, including digital passport photo service , How much and how often is a raise at Walgreens? They were buying some beverages and had a pack of blue moon and two bottles of wine on the belt.

The woman raynette not sure the spelling, older Asian woman with glasses asked for their ID, which I thought was a joke and then when the guests have her their German citizens ID which is a government issued ID she refused to serve them and told them only a passport would suffice.

She did not seem sorry nor did she seem sympathetic. And do you teach your employees anything about customer service?

She should have at least got a manager involved. This event just happened and I have already shared it with multiple places and people.

I recently purchased on line gift through baby registry, making sure the gift would be delivered to me, NOT my friend having the surprise shower. I called Target to voice my complaint, spoke with a manager, John refused to give his last name , and he told me he would file a complaint, and I was just dismissed! All of this could have avoided, and I think you need to take full responsibility for this error. Online service is awuful. Trying to make a payment and they were rude and I could barly understand them.

I purchased a Threshold gel memory foam pillow over the weekend. I opened the zipper cover and sure enough, MOLD. On a brand new pillow. I went to a different store to exchange it, thinking it was just that shipment.

Upon looking at the online reviews, it appears others are still sleeping with these moldy pillows. At the very least, those that have left reviews on your site.

My 93 yr old mother bought a Bright Spot cellular phone along with a required activation card. The phone did not work and returned the items to the store. Target refunded her money for the phone but refused to take back the unused activation card. I spoke with several staff members and got the brush off. Hey Target what happened to your customer service? The customer service representative that I spoke to on the phone was completely worthless.

She was obviously just reading sentences from a script and not really listening to my issues. I have a wedding registry at Target and am heavily considering changing to Bed Bath and Beyond, last minute. I had a bridal shower yesterday and my aunt got me a red microwave. They told me it was not updating on my registry, and they were right.

I had to remove the microwave from my registry myself this morning…Now, I am worried that I will get a bunch of duplicates from guests because the registry is not updating as people buy things!

When I called, the customer service rep could not give me a reason why this was happening or give me a timeline as to when it would be fixed.. I was on the phone for a half an hour and learned nothing. You lost a long time customer today. After purchasing a product online I was given no support even though I had purchased the service agreement to cover the purchase. The product which failed about 6 weeks after purchase is now MY expensive piece of junk.

I was offered a chance to speak with the manager, but informed that he would simply repeat what I had already been told. At that point I asked that she inform her manager that I would never make another purchase from Target—either in store or online.

I have called several times today. Half of the people I end up on the phone with are not fluent in English. I have yet to get my problem resolved and I have called ten times.

At the end of the conversation they ask me call back customer service or they just hang up. Is this too difficult to resolve? Before even exiting the door while checking on the receipt just as a habit, I found out the error or possibly a scam.

I brought it up to the store manager at the Customer Service twice, showed her the receipt, added up the entire math trying to explain the problem to her. In addition, I got charged twice for the Yogurt.

This is how it works, and you seemed to have a trouble understanding it!! However, this kind of Customer Service attitude and illegal scheme cannot be tolerated. We found out that the medication refill that cost 4. Our Store we pick up our Order at Sacramento Arden in Sacramento and we liked the friendliness and helpful customer service from the Pharmacy team, especially Allan.

The young manager, Taylor I believe took time, was very helpful and courteous with myself as well as another customer at the same time.

She is to be commended……. Also Lisa who works in the photo department was helpful. I also wish to give comments concerning your Target Store in Kona, Hawaii where we visit each year. The store is wonderful, well supplied and employees are mostly helpful. However, they need better service in the produce and household goods area. Since we are Minnesota people, of course we would like this Target store to effectively compete with Wal-Mart. Just thought you might like to know.

Maybe you could send Taylor to Hawaii to oversee this manager system!!! I was considering buying stock in Target but not after this last and will be my very last customer service experience for an online sale.

Mailed the wrong size for my daughters new sneaker and was told I needed to mail it back in or drive it to a store to get a refund. They told me there was a mislabeling in their warehouse and refused to send me a new pair without charging me. Save precious time and energy and order through Amazon. Ridiculously ineffective customer service. I had two problems yet again at target today; first, I have people approaching me all over the store asking me if I need help finding anything.

Problem two is that you have your people soliciting customers to get the credit or debit card in the checkout line, which hold up the line, in my case for five minutes. Plus now the extra time it is taking me to write this. I am going to try to avoid tArget going forward. It clearly states in the coupon policy may combine both I was so disappointed in Register Clerk but I just kept quiet and moved on. Makes me not want to shop there any more I am a loyal customer love Target but not with these actions.

Target use to be so great untill these past 6 months. This located bakersfield, CA. I ordered patio furniture from Target. Was to get 3 pkgs. They all came but 1 was not mine. Was another guests chairs. They work with a place called Home Direct. I called them several times as well an no one could figure out where my order was. I am returning my furniture because the incomepentcy is out of this world!!!!!!

I cannot believe how horrible Target is for online orders. At that time, all was great! Come 8 days later, I got three boxes. Called Target right away and said they would make arrangements for a pick up and for a shipment of my chairs that were to be delivered.

Same ol song and dance. As much as I love their products and the store, I will never go in there again. I am starting to hate shopping at Target. Whenever I have an item and I want to take it back, it takes forever waiting in line. Their customer service desk lets people check out, not only return. So if you have one item you may have someone in front of you with a cart full checking out and you stand there and wait. I was quite disappointed after being on line for over an hour carefully shopping for items on line from your store.

I saw at that time it was free shipping with a target card only! The shopper should be notified with that information before they have wasted over an hour shopping for your store items, to be notified of your terms of free shipping! It would be helpful if you would put some cashiers nearer the grocery isle.

Everyone of your stores have the cashiers closer to the other side of the store. Really inconvenient when you shop for groceries only and park by that entrance. He said it was wrong and the manger told him the flyer was wrong. My husband left with out purchasing any other items on my list. I forgave you when I had to change my pin and checking account attached to your Redcard, that was out of your hands. This is just POOR customer service!

You have all my information from my Redcard, just like the hackers. You can contact me by mail if you wish to mail me the raincheck. The raincheck number is I have learn to shop other than Wal-Mart because they are dirty stores and unfriendly staff.

I can find other places to spend my weekly money if you leave this issue as is. This is the first opportunity I could find. Then I had the most wonderful check out person. If anyone was having a bad day, they would have had a different point of view after encountering Michael.

They need a raise! Absolutely a joke of a customer service organization. As a loyal customer who spends thousands of dollars at Target per year, I expected a little effort at solving what seems to be a simple problem. I know within a 5 day time frame the date the card was purchased as well as the card I used to make the purchase. I am shocked that you allow open carry weapons in your store. There is no way I or any of my family, and now my friends, will patronize Target when I share this with them.

The obvious scare this puts in customers when confronted by these goons. Why do you think there is any justifiable reason that a man needs to brandish assault weaponry in front of women and children, or for that matter, men in the course of a pleasant shopping experience? Imagine that someone shows up at your door with rifles or handguns. And you have a gun. What happens in your stores when that eventually happens? Your firm will one day be responsible for a massacre.

The blood will be on your hands. I will tell my friends to stop doing business with you and ask them to tell your friends. Your security system is still compromised. On I had a check declined. I checked and my account was NOT closed. I suspected something and checked their ph.

How did they get my check declined??????? Your system is very poor indeed. I understand you dont wish to allow persons there constitutional rights and leave them defenceless in your stores , well two points of view , If your doing that you better be ready to defend your customers if you disarm them and second I will never shop at a store that wants to disarm me and leave me defenceless , Hope your stores arnt like sonic the day after they banned weapons , one of there stores was robbed at gun point but that stuff is going on all over.

It is unfortunate that your company has chosen to request customers not to conseal carry while shopping.

My life is not worth the shopping experience your company offers. I live next to the most dangerous mid size city in America. I go nowhere without one. I was informed that I could only get the sale price if I had a Red Card. I was ok with that as I am a big shopper at Target. However, when the pad prompted me to enter my social security number, I said to the cashier that Target had to be kidding.

I only entered my last 4 digits. Today I received my rejection for a card because my SS was invalid. Please do some serious thinking.

We know what happened with your security breach. I had to keep a diligent watch on my credit card statement to insure no fraudulent purchases were made. Do you really think that I would now entrust you with my social security number? Your policy will make me think twice about doing business with Target. Today I ordered four gift cards from various stores. Target was the ONLY one that charged a mailing fee.

I placed an order on May 30th and still have not received the items. I still do not have my items and the order number is I am very dissappointed and want to know what steps will be taken for me to receive this merchandise at the same price as well as discounted. You can contact me via email. Store service has really started to go down———if you ask to talk to a manager—-they are busy!!

More difficulties trying to get acct. June 23, After long consideration, I am reluctantly compelled to state a formal written complaint against Michael Koch, who is the son of Joe Koch and the brother of Matthew with the same last name who I presume to be a psychiatric patient at the Round Rock Mental health Clinic based on his testimony. Michael met me as I was passing by at Walmart a few months ago and he portrayed himself to me as a nice guy; I then suggested he could camp in the woods near my camp which is located behind Golds Gym at Tech Ridge in Travis County.

He confessed to me that he was in fact a compulsive shoplifter and against my better judgment,I took chance on him hoping that he would turn out to be the friend that I needed, Michel stated that he only stole from stores which I now assume to be another lie from him. Micheal Koch has since been barred from Walmart and C. S for shoplifting and is supervised at H. Koch is a skilled thieve and a damn good one at that with his finely tuned quick hands.

Koch lives in the woods because he has a found a place where he can scream and lash out at the top of his well trained husky voice as often as needed as a psychopathic way of dealing with his issues. Micheal Koch is what psychiatrist label as King Baby and totally unworkable. In my opinion, which is based on my inferences of this individual, Mr. Koch is incapable of processing information at an adult level and apparently does not understand consideration for others and mutual respect in all actuality.

Koch is a highly skilled instigator in trivial matters. To put it plain and simple; Mr. Koch is a pest and a menace to society, due to his unstructured lifestyle, this individual loiters and malingers around like a wayward adolescent up to no good. Koch needs to be told to leave establishments at closing time and instructed by security guards to vacate bathrooms.

It seems likely that he does this to purposely cause frustration in people lives on the account of his parasitic personally traits. In my opinion, Mr. Koch is not fit for society due to his vagrant disregard for societies laws and standards and enjoys very much in being a pain in the ass.

Koch is unable to recognize nor willing to correct his irrational behavior out of any bad situation because he cannot recognize his bad behavior and sees his irrational behavior as normal or justified. Koch is unable to mentally develop and shows no progress whatsoever, he is still having temper tantrums or outburst at an escalated and well practiced level. The above incident mentioned did not trigger any introspection analysis within him and therefore he cannot see any wrong in his behavior but rather blames the situation on other factors thus incurring no accountability for corrective actions.

Koch is that I could not get this guy to cooperate with me at any level on the account of his argumentative or conflictual desires that are inherent to his aptitude. Koch just using the situation to conflict? His relationship with his girlfriend is in constant turmoil due to his lust for conflict on the account that Micheal does not understand respect nor care to, these are adult skills which are learned, Mr.

Koch does not possess any learned adult skills out of deception. Koch uses people as punching bags, he has developed techniques to start arguments using simple bait and switch strategies. His intro will seem sincere and then switch to a conflictual line of talk, this bait and switch tactic is a well practiced victimizing protocol in his interactions with certain people. Koch has no need for an adult friendship nor understands what that entails in all actuality, Mr.

Koch has no interest in respecting anyone with regard for societies best interest whatsoever and offers me nothing but hell ride. Koch is 32 years old and still believes in ghost, he feels their sneaky presence. Koch reads real well is the security cameras. Koch does not recognize what an adult friendship entails, this is a learned trait, Mr.

Koch does not own a computer nor bicycle to get around and is unable to engage in constructive endeavors, like getting to food pantries. Mike likes to play facebook games on his phone with immature dialog, there is nothing sincere about him, he is phoney in every way. To put it quite simply, Mr. Koch is maniac and a terrorist for all the desperate animals living in woods that he is scaring the shit out of.

Apparently, he enjoys being a screamer and victimizing people as a way to satiate his psycho desires. Micheal Koch feeds on people that is why I say he is parasitic, he does not add value, he takes value. Koch has these conditions or not, I just know Micheal stopped developing in a mature upright way and has no desire to be a rational, understanding and a cooperative human being, he is not responsive to people needs but rather obstructive to peoples needs, the time that he spent in his life was utilized for the perfection of deceptive strategies only.

Micheal Koch is very vindictive when it comes to relationships that have been terminated, resorting to to softly spoken threats of revenge to the second person or open malicious gossip to get even with people who decide to call it quits with him. Micheal Koch is supposed to be under the care of a psychiatrist, the police tell me that he comes under the jurisdiction of the mental health clinic in Round Rock, I suppose.

I Therefore recommend that you use your authority as a Psychiatrist and order Mr. Koch out of the woods where he is hiding out in Travis County and back to Williamson County where he belongs living with mother or better still even yet; to a state institution where a message can be sent to him that his mental case mind games are over and he is no longer fooling anyone anymore.

Micheal Koch is sociopath , he has the need to get over on people any way that he can, by lying, stealing, screaming or playing Mr. Please feel free to e- mail me any comments or suggestions regarding this matter. Yours truly, John Roth. I think Target does not need my patronage. The have the worst customer service and have forgotten that without customers they have no business. I can say Wal mart may be a butt of many jokes but the still will answer the phone when a customer calls.

I can get through to Congress with more ease than breech the walls of Target. Say good bye my American dollars. I was in the Boise Target today on Eagle and Chinden. I bought a outdoor table at a great price but when I got the box to my car it was too big.

The target team members were so helpful Cody and Larry they told me they could hold it while I got a car that I could get the table home. I have roof racks so I went home got some tie downs and came back. The tie downs were broken that I had grabbed so Cody helped me get the correct ones to get the table on my car. This type of customer service is almost unheard of now and I had to let you know what a great asset Cody is to the Target store.

I live in the neighborhood behind the target and since we moved here we have come to know all of the amazing team miners in this Target store. I just want to thank Cody again for all his help. I made it safely home and had a amazing surprise for my husband when he got home. My daughter did a return for She has been waiting to see the credit, when I looked at receipt it says they gave her gift card, They stapled a receipt but no gift card, I know not a lot of money but she is a college student and could use the This may not be of interest to you, but since you do not want me to carry a gun into your store, I have a right to carry auth.

I am sorry to say but after the recent news I have heard, my family and I will no longer be shopping at Target. My wife and I are both law abiding people. But in this crazy world, there are a lot of people that do not follow the law. Because of this, both of us have a permit to carry to protect ourselves and our kids. I learned today that we are no longer welcome in your stores if we are carring open or concelled. The law has given both of us a permit to carry the weapon.

Target has now started treating us like criminals saying that they want a Safe work place and shopping place. You are stating that the people who follow the law will not harm people because they have weapons. Your type of thinking is so out dated.

After reading about your new policy regarding violating our 2nd Amendment rights, you as a private business have every right to do this. I as a consumer have every right to express my views of your corporate policies by never shopping at Target again! It has come to my attention that you do not prohibit guns from your stores. This is not acceptable to me or my family Our safety while shopping, anywhere, is of the utmost importance. Until you policy changes, we will not shop with you and will cancel all credit arrangements.

I hope this is not true. I have always loved Target but because of your gun free policy I will have to stop shopping at your store.

Kudos to that young gal for making me feel like a million dollars! Dangerous place to shop becuase now Tagrget is protecting criinals by telling law abiding citiizens to not carry a concealed weapon if they so choose. MN company run by Minnesota dope heads just like the governor. NO more purchases at Target BS leftist aholes. I was very disappointed at the empty racks all through the store.

We were shopping in the baby and toddler departments. There was only 1 on the floor and when we got to check out, I noticed that the dust pan was cracked.

Your staff was excellent but the end result was that you had 6 sets in the backroom that did not have a dustpan with the set? I find that hard to believe and harder to imagine that it took 2 or 3 trips back to the backroom to realize this. We are from Youngstown, OH and currently have our local target in a remodeling stage that looks a lot like the Greenville store. Your customer services really sucks! I just missed the 1 year dealine to get missing parts, by 1 month. I got referred to another number.

Why even refer me, if this other team is useless and wouldnt be able to get me the missing parts. After being on the phone with them for 45 min, I was told go call the product company, room essentials, to get the missing parts. Customer service didnt have their phone number, even though Room Essential currently produces products for Target. The manager was able to find me the phone number to Room Essential, but I will definitely think twice before I buy any big items or electronics from Target.

Their ordering system locks up frequently. If you have a problem and call their CS center, which is in Central Americal, within minutes of finding a problem. I waited on hold for 25 min. Not worth the aggrevation. I was shopping at the Target in Burbank at Empire Center. I saw a sales associate in the red shirt, Tito, on one of the aisles and I asked him if Target sold books. I speak very little English. Thank goodness I I passed Jr.

If other words, you are fine turning away Engligh speaking customers. I certainly got the message and put my items down and left the store. I placed an order over a month ago for ride on dune buggy. It still has not been delivered. A company called way fair is delivering and scheduled for this thur. I just ordered exact same item from Walmart and it is scheduled for delivery this week.

My daughter could have been enjoying for a month. I am very dissatisfied with this service. I love your store but this will make me think a little about ordering from your site again. It was in the envelope so all the information that was with the card was thrown out with the card. Target will only replace the card if my 90 year old aunt has her receipt. I would think the card could be tracked by address since it was mailed to me.

I will inform everyone to never register or purchase gift cards from Target. The links on their website lead you in a viscous circle, from one irrelevant page to another. I guess no good deed goes un-punished I only wanted to inquire when the TV stand might become available? You can buy a state flag in some stores but no Amer4ican Flag only on line. As labor day is here i went to get a new flag to hang out side to find out there is none in the store.

As a father of a Navy man this i felt is a disrespect to the vets. Also, I was unable to participate in the online survey due to never being asked for the User ID or password as indicated on the receipt.

Calling the Target number was an exercise in futility as the recording constantly returned the main menu. Received a a egiftcard from target Printed from my email took it to the target store. Please mail me a gift card that is good at the store or cancel my credit card.

And figured I could those in lieu of my regular cards and also pay any difference in cash. If that is your policy of having to pay a fee penalty each time in the future I buy your cards that really is not a good solution for me.

My wife, this A. The person contacted, via the phone provided with the cards, apparently does not have even basic skills regarding speaking or understanding English. Why does Target contract with these providers? I suppose it is a matter of cost, at the risk of customer satisfaction. My wife was not able to learn from the contact, if the cards were activated, after several blunt questions, regarding this issue.

I tried calling a local Target store, to get corporate customer service, explaining the issue, and was given gift card services on two occasions. Finally 3rd call, after being given the same bogus number, asked for a store manager, who was very helpful. Unfortunately, my call did not get to customer service, but some phone answering service in Nicaragua. The individual responding, also was almost unable to understand the issue.

Apparently, wanted to get me off the phone, and suggested I call the number that was provided with the cards. I explained that the issue was regarding communication with those found at that number.

Then I was asked the 3rd time, what my question was. Eventually, I was given the response that both cards were activated.

What say you Target? Additionally, suggest corporate review even a few of the comments found online………not at all complimentary. In the past we have held Target in high regard, but no longer. And, I do expect Target to respond, personally, to me, regarding this issue.

Target quality has hit bottom. Their Circo hooded towels for children have a polyester fill to make the rolled towel feel soft. Before laundering you find and remove the piece of polyester fill and have a thin hard towel.

I am giving more thought to my Target purchases, questioning each item for quality. I am not happy about Target making their employees work on Thanksgiving!!!! I will shop at Family oriented stores who stay closed on family holidays. I have an issue with the Handicapped scooters at all Target stores.

If one is available it may run only 10 minutes. No one seems to care or try to fix this. Even though I have never had a problem getting a cart or a cart failing on me at Wal-Mart, I prefer to shop at Target. I did not bail because of the security breach like many people did and I would like the service of mobility that you claim to offer your customers. I have seen customers leave the store when no cart is available and I have done it myself.

Please give this matter some long overdue attention. This is a corporate wide problem, not just in Charlotte,. I really hate that you are opening on Thanksgiving. I wish you would reconsider and keep Thanksgiving for families and not your personal gain. The pharmacy entered my prescriptions incorrectly. I spent one weekend filling out paper work to resolve the situation.

No one calls me back, no one seems to know how to resolve the situation. I was transferred from department to department. I wonder how many dollars have been withheld from individuals in the pharmacy.

Hopefully I am making customers aware, know exactly when changing insurance companies to know your benefits. The issue started in May of I wonder if Target would be so patient if I owed them money. I just got disconnected. Of course he got email wrong after I spelled it out 3 times,so when he completed the order, after a frustrating hour conversation,it had wrong info.. I ordered Christmas gifts for my granddaughter on November 14th. I immediately received a tracking number, however, as 1 and then 2 weeks passed the tracking status remained the same.

I called your contact us number 3 times and was told to call back. I finally called UPS and was told that they never received the shipment. I called back again to your contact number and a young man told me that he would help me.

He canceled my originaly order and reordered everything for me. Everything was still in stock at that time which was November 28th. He insured me that I would receive my order on December 4th. Well, today is December 5th and no package and still no tracking number. I called your contact number again and was told that the order was still uncompleted.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and she assured me that my order would be shipped today and that I would receive a shipping number tonight. Well it is 7: I just received an email informing me that 4 of my items are sold out at this time. I should receive the rest by December 11th. No shipping number yet. Call Center, Customer Service, Insurance. Customer Service, Microsoft, Multitask.

Audit, Billing, Customer Service, Payroll. Business Analyst, Financial Analysis. Administrative, Adobe InDesign, Executive assistant. Metadata, MS Excel, Testing. Agile, Business Analyst, Oil and Gas. Documentation, Project Schedule, Troubleshooting. Administrative, Administrative assistant, SAP. Documentation, Food Industry, Manufacturing, Procurement.

Administrative, MS Office Customer Service, Invoicing, Warehouse. Editing, Marketing, Writing Skills. Customer Service, Filing, Mail. Budgeting, Marketing, Project Management. JavaScript, Python, Quality Assurance. Administrative, Customer Service, Receptionist. Design, Graphic Designer, Layout, Photoshop. Adobe Creative Suite, Graphic Designer. Assembly, Drawing, Soldering, Troubleshooting. Agile, Implementation, Product Management. Customer Service, Lab Tech. Human Resources, Lifting, Scanning.

Administrative, Data Entry, Filing. Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry, Laboratory. Accounting, Microsoft Excel, Pivot Tables. Microsoft Office, Phone, Receptionist. Data Analysis, Design, Six Sigma.

Fabrications, Material Handling, Technician. Healthcare, Marketing, Medical device. Administrative assistant, Networking, Technical. Healthcare, Hedis Consultant, Project Management.

Product Development, Recruiting, Training. Editing, Project Management, Writing Skills. Data Analysis, Python, R Programming. Business Analyst, Project Management, Technical. Accounting, Billing, Customer Service, Ordering. Digital Marketing, Project Management. Architect, Infrastructure, Solution Architecture.

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