Spring/ Summer 2014 Swimwear Trends

I know every year it is difficult to find the perfect swimwear, while staying in the trends in the same time, so, to make your choice easier, we have prepared for you a top swimwear trends Summer .

These options remind us of the suits that the sportsmen and the athletes usually wear for their exercises.

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Mar 24,  · Brandi and Carole jump back into swimwear trends, covering hot novelty looks like sexy sequins and cute crochet before diving into sport and active lifestyle-ready swimsuits.
Mar 24,  · Brandi and Carole jump back into swimwear trends, covering hot novelty looks like sexy sequins and cute crochet before diving into sport and active lifestyle-ready swimsuits.
Summer swimsuit trends get more fabulous and fashionable than ever before, expect tons of bright colors and patterns. This year´s summer is also more about one piece suits. This year´s summer is also more about one piece suits.
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From fabrics that range from semi-matte to gleaming and bright, it is the touch of the fabrics that push this swimwear trend to a new level with circular and warped knits. The importance of shaping is critical with compression qualities to guarantee a smoothing silhouette and the endless confidence in the wearer. 03/13/ - by admin. New.

This type of bottom will delicately shape your waist and hips, hiding the imperfections and gifting you with a sassy look. Still wearing retro swimsuits is not that good idea for those being not that tall, because such bottoms will make them look even shorter. Amazing retro style swimsuits can be found in the new collections of Maaji, Salinas and Triya. For maximum innovative and creative options you can turn to crisscross swimwear designs, which were seen in a really big diversity of options and combinations during the swim fashion week.

They include pairs with headwear designs, as well as spectacular and cute combinations with high-waist bottoms for the best effect. Sauvage and Triya have some cool crisscross swimsuit styles.

Introduced with an appealing variety of colors and cutouts, the geometric shapes do have their deserved place in the trendiest list of swimsuits. Geometric inspired designs were spotted at Suboo and Aqua di Lara.

Finally we would like to talk about the prints and the design patterns the designers opted for this time. Generally, the swimwear options we saw were made of all the energizing and sunny colors possible, absolutely fitting in the summer beachy mood. Still the timeless black and white are also in with the nice accents of white and the body-flattering effect of black.

For these shades the polka dots and the stripes remain as the primary design patterns. We do hope this list will help you make up your mind about the best wanna-have pieces of yours, and will help you find some good and useful additions to your summer wardrobe. Rima is a great fan of arts, poetry, cultures and fashion. She's interested in everything that's extraordinary and different.

The Anchor swim brief by 2EROS is a cross between trunks and briefs, and features a small anchor at the side that will make you feel like a pirate. The American brand has created a unique piece inspired by print motifs from the American Southwest.

We would even say that it represents sound waves. The trunk is low rise and comes in red and black, but our favourite one is the bright red. You can find it here. Staying in the same country but finding inspiration from a different one. Combining floral and stripes in exotic colours and a sexy cut, this swimwear is perfect for anyone who wants to become part of the eclectic Brazilian culture.

Moving on to a more classic option for this summer. The Iconic Lines Brief by Emporio Armani comes in black with white stripes and offers a sporty and comfortable look with a double-ply, contoured pouch with centre dart. The Unrluy shorts by the Spanish label will give you the perfect sailor look this summer.

With red, green and white stripes and a navy blue background these swim shorts are a choice that will not disappoint you. You can wear it both at the beach, and with a pair of shorts or a colourful skirt, without anyone noticing you are in your swimsuit! The last swimwear trend is: With bigger and bolder designs, fringes are still rocking the runways! If you want to add the impact element to your swimwear, go for a fringe bra top or fringe bikini. Either of them will make your look impressive!

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The hottest swimsuit trends for have taken the runway and will soon take over your sunny days. This guide will give you a sneak peek on what to expect in fashion swim for the season. Sexy straps and nautical knots are tying up the swimwear trends. Below are the macramé masterpieces that. 5 HOT Swimwear Trends for May 14, As with other fashion, swimwear fashion changes ever year. And you always want to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Like all swimwear trends a swimsuit style should flatter your figure type or that style should be avoided all together. Believe it: Somewhere out there is the perfect swimsuit, and O creative director, Adam Glassman, is here to help you find it. He sifted through hundreds of contenders to discover the most flattering suits for your shape. So get ready to make a splash.