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Swimwear. Whether you live in a warm climate or you're about to go on a much-needed vacay of sun, sand, and surf, GoJane has you covered — but just barely — with our sexy selection of cute bathing suits and swimwear.

There are transvestite bras with fake breasts, as well as a variety of breast forms. If you want a cheap adventure, this is for you.

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Our fabulous collection of well made swimsuits provides many choices for the woman who loves summer. Our cheap swimsuits can make or break a look, so it .
Plus Size Fringed Two Piece Swimsuit

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Our fabulous collection of well made swimsuits provides many choices for the woman who loves summer. Our cheap swimsuits can make or break a look, so it .

She measured for the dress in a shorter heel. She didn't wear those too high shoes for the wedding. I would just like to say that I would highly recommend Dressilyme. They were very easy to work with.

They were very quick. And I think the quality was excellent. Thank you very much. I ordered it a week and a half before my wedding, very last minute change and I messaged the seller and they got it to me 3 days before my wedding, when the expected delivery date was 2 weeks past my wedding!

They truly made my dreams come true, the quality was excellent, it's a bit itchy but all wedding dresses are. I felt ethereal and royal the entire day.

My new husband loved it as well. I also requested that they make the back not open and it turned out well too. I just showed them the back of another one of their products that I preferred and they were able to replicate it, but with the same materials as this dress.

Good dress construction, good fit, very happy bride. I do recommend buying this dress. I'm a size 16 it was small and I couldn't fit. So I got it adjusted and it was beautiful Lace was sewn properly and looks similar to the picture. It was I think exactly like it. I really loved my dress.

Great place to fulfill your dreams! I used it for my engagement shoot and I am so pleased with it! And for the price, it's unreal. The off-the-shoulder look was a bit too open for my liking so I just picked it up and had it over my shoulder.

I also had to sow on some extra fabric which you can see details in the youtube video on the torso part because I didn't want it to be see through. Again, for more details, check out the review I did for this dress.

I ordered this dress with the custom size option and I honestly couldn't have been happier with my choice. The dress is absolutely stunning and fits like a glove! Some who saw me in it even said it is one of the most beautiful wedding dresses they'd ever seen, and for this price, how could you go wrong? The detail is impeccable, and I'd even say it is more beautiful and elegant than it looks in the photos here on the site I know that sounds lame but it's true!

If you're considering this dress it comes with my highest recommendation. I would definitely suggest you get it custom made so that it fits perfectly and is comfortable for you. I changed the colour of the sash to mint green to match my colour theme and loved it. I really can't fault it! It is made so nicely! The boning and cups are made perfectly! Above average quality for price s paid. Most of what I purchased was on sale so even a better value. And the "free gifts" were impressive.

Got my free lingerie today with my order! What a Great Deal and Product! I will be placing my next order now. I received my order and it was perfect. I will do business with your company again and again. The prices were the best, packaging was very discrete, pro! My wife and I had a wonderful weekend. Its very generous fittings and well made. I look forward to buying again. The items came super fast! Just in time for my birthday!

I love the items and have referred a friend already - T. Service is Great, What more i can ask for - Cindy. Been a Return Customers for 5 years already, two thumbs up for spicy lingerie. The customer service rep walked me through placing my order and it was so easy and quick. Spicy Lingerie has great sexy items at amazing prices! Their free shipping is such a great deal! Hair it is the world's first and 'one and only' tres stylish Holstein Horned shower cap!

A gift they will never forget! If moo have ever worn a plaid dress to school or know someone who has this mug is for MOO! Looks like it came out of the Bucca de Beppo Gift Shop! Wonderfully boxed in a beautiful package. Get LOTS of looks on cow appreciation day! Moo will NOT be disappointed!

It's sooo moo-nique it's a little difficult to describe. Waterproof' 'football' with arms, legs and an udder! Great for outdoor use - even 'pool party' quality' safe for tossing around the swimming hole or patio.

Great for outdoor fun when there ain't nothing around but rocks and acerage! Have a cow-test with moo frineds see who is the slingist! The only brown cow spot handbag we have ever seen. Fortunately she is just moo-tiful. Suede mooterials, vinyl strap and zipper. Hanbag is shaped like halp a saddle for fashionion-moobile cowgirls! Look at those colors on the 3 separate zippers. Everyday size 12 inches wide.

Holstein pattern and cow-lors! Double Shoulder Strap adds good quality. Zipper outside and inside cow-partments, too. For all those Holstein lovers who wish their cows had just a little color, too! Karaoke here I come! This belt is screaming rhinestones! Big ones small ones diamond shaped ones.. Easily fits in any handbag. Leather quality and design. The cow face has horns in top! The back side has a wonderful 'Spanish Style' Cow emblazoned in the leather. No its Really a Hostein Wallet Lots of zippered compartments.

Cow Cute and Functional! Great little Nylon Bag is cow-tastic for coins or make-up! What great price, too! Inexpensive so moo may get some a few for all moo friends. Looks expensive it isn't. Nice quality zippered 'handbag. Outstanding Fashion at an Outstanding Price! Just a great visor. The pink 'udderly fashion-moobile' color is vibrant and vivid. This visor fits all and has an adjustable velcro high quality 'clasp' on the back.

Holstein pattern riser let you cow-municate your inner moo! This is a highest quality 'fancy' stationery pad. It is moo-ti-ful and includes sheets of memo paper.. It also has a hole in the pad so moo can put a pen int the pad.. Cows adorn the outside of the memo pad and the green 'pasture' backgrond set it off nicely.

If moo are looking for a gift for a co-worker this is a wonderful gift! Hangs on moo wall if moo want it to. These are about 2 inches long and an inch wide Better than a file tab Moo will use these!

Nice looking and highly functional all plastic letter openers in your choice of breeds! Open all of your cow-respondence in cow style! One of the cutest cow items we have ever seen. It is not 'just wood' - this is soo polished it looks s-moo-the almost metal smooth. Not much to say here except that if moo love cows as much as we do, then a cow on your desk is a nice thing to have!

Everybody poops, now your keychain can poop, too! Give it a little 'squeeze' and this little soft, squeezable cow-on-a-keychain will make you smile all day long. Really, all poop should be like this.

Look at that moo-ti-ful face! Shes looking at MOO and she's ready to hoove your keys all oer the place! Unique, interesting keychain fer sure. Check out those udders! Cow much more Western can a cow lover get? Really pretty silvered edges make moo discreetly stand out in a herd!

Really pretty whiteand oranged edges make moo discreetly stand out in a herd! Wonderfully detailed and very beautiful. People like to wear alligators on their shirts.. What a wonderful way to discreetly show the world your true black and white colors! Make any garment into cow moo-terial! What a wonderful way to discreetly show the world your true brown and white colors! Wonderfully detailed cow-lassic bull! I 'heart' Moo shimmers in Genuine Austrian Crystals with a red heart.

A CowDepot exclusive pin. You may wear it all the time if moo wish, we do. Wear this pink 'udder color' hair comb in moo hair. Rhinestone cow on a pink udder comb moo will look tres fashionable-moobile! Moo-tif-ul Holstein with bell and pink udders is also a nice, realtively large silvery shiny hair clip!

Tres fashion-moo-bile moo will look beautiful! Get one and make the milkmaid jealous! We really need to come up with a name other than 'pony tail' scrunchie. This is not a pony at all it is a moo-tiful Holstein! Great quality scrunhie thingie, too. Moo will look moo-velous for sure for sure! She's got attitude for sure! Look at those sunglasses on this gal. She's way too cow cool for sure!

Moo-justable it has two snaps to fit any size wrist. Moo will look Moovelous! Gold plated watch with six mooving Holsteins.

Yes, the little cows 'slide' up and down the double braided gold chain. This watch is FAR nicer in person than pictured. A 'true' anniversary or birthday gift.. Timmy Woods Beverly Hills is a designer and manufacturer of fashion forward, high quality, wearable art handbags for women. Launched in by artist and entrepreneur Timmy Woods, Timmy Woods Beverly Hills is the outgrowth of years of design experience developed through a variety of design positions, a former handbag venture and business acumen and international savvy rendered through travel, education and experience in the international real estate market.

Timmy Woods Beverly Hills is focused on creating innovative designs that appeal to women with a broad range of interests and lifestyles. Inspired by handmade wooden boxes, Timmy sees these handcrafted wooden handbags as a fresh statement in fashion and as sculptured pieces of art.

On the cutting edge of art and fashion, each bag is carved from fallen Acacia trees and is hand-made taking 30 days to complete. Each unique design comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and originality. Timmy has most graciously shared her one of a kind cow designs with all CowDepot cowstomers. Yes, moo-vie stars DO cow-llect these and moo can, too!

Don't pay Beverly Hills Prices!!!! Moo will like this it is a 'rugged' all purpose tote with strong nylon handles. CowTastic lightweight tote for pool,picnic, beaach or any place at all! Thousands of uses moo will cow-preciate this tote! If you know of any cowpokes who like to dress dolls, have we got a cow for you! This is just cow-outstanding. A 6 inch long and 4 " high Holstein is nicely detailed of poly-resin. Yes, you will 'dress up' this cow in several outfits moo-cluding Christmas!!

Each of these remarkably detailed costumes inlcudes a hat, too. Any kid will enjoy dressing up this cow for many years. It will become a family tradition and part of their childhood moo-meries. This is just moo good to pass up at this price. OK, so they're not exactly cow spots, per se.. Lots of uses for the creative moo from sewing trim to party decorations.

You decide it's up to moo. Sold by the yard - have fun! Cow Nose is Porcelain and very funny! Just place your eyeglasses over the cow nose that's about it. Brings smiles even when moo glassses are not on your nose! Check out that big smile on her face! One size fits most adults. A VERY special gift. Includes are moo ready for this? Do moo spend a lot of time on moo hooves??

Give your feet the luxury they deserve! You can 'spot' these slippers from the udder side of the pasture! This is a 'full' slipper.

Not just for the bottom of your feet but for your whole foot. Kinda sorta like 'shoes not sandals. No matter which way you flip 'em you're cow-feet-ly moo! Moo will get raves and more raves or at least lots of cow-ments about these udderly sensational cow doo rags!

Holstein Spot Doo Rags Rule! The front of these socks are cow-dorable - but the BACK have 'rubber grabbers' so moo don't slip and slide! Ladies 9 to 11 Cow crew socks say MOO on top. Great for dress, too JK. Actually a very nice quality sock moo may never take them off! This is such a good idea we should have thought of it!

NOT socks but not quite slippers, either The BACK have 'rubber grabbers' so moo don't slip and slide! Traditional Holstein black and white pattern and a cow picture on top! Nice quality for moo feet. Well, we don't know why someone didn't think of this about a thousand years ago. Every pair of gloves has five fingers.. Well, this pair of socks has five toes!

Moo have probably never seen anything like them before! Keep moo arms warm in any weather. Knit and very moo-tiful! Great for indoors, too! Bobble Hooves Cow Bank! Shakin all day and all night!

Not a bobble head.. VERY happy look - she'll make mooo smile along with her fer sure. PO Porcelain 8 inches wide 9. No doubt you'll be able to use this rubber stamp more than a few times a week! A very high quality garment.. A large cow on a very large tee shirt. This has LOTS of extra moo-terial we don't even have a small! A gift boxed version of the identical tee shirt above. Makes a moo-tiful presentation is the shirt if not for moo. Nice quality all cotton durable tee shirt with a Holstein embroidered.

You can't seen this in the picture, but there are five 'hoof prints' created by a special process which are stamped into the tee shirt. You can see the cow and the hoof prints! Well, it's not only moo-sterical it's also a very nice high quality garment! Nicely packed for gift giving the sleep shirt moo-cludes it's own cloth carrier.

Moo will LOVE this!! Moo-ti-ful and useful - doesn't everybody sleep? Make Moo Own Tee Shrt! Relatively large about 4 inches diagonal. Looks great on ANY garment. How about the back pocket of moo jeans You don't really want an alligator or a 'designer' as an emblem on moo jeans or tee shirt..

Our most cow-fordable iron on.. Oh those cute old ladies have an-udder 'winner'! The picture, which is moo-sterical - says' I'll have a Cosmooopolitan and the stud at the next table'. Get granny this shirt she'll feel seventeen again! Oh those cute old ladies have some sarcastic sense of humor. The picture, which is moo-sterical - says 'does this make my rump look big'? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Definitely for the more moo-thletic folks out there. The picture of two ladies golfing says 'Enough of this - lets go graze'.

Maybe it is time these old ladies did go out to pasture! The picture of two 'ladies' says 'Bless Her Heart - she's as big as a Cow!

This stuff is too funny we laughed for 20 minutes when we saw this! Ladies, She IS absolutely cowdorable! Those very long legs remind us that she likes to hoove it up! Moo will fall in love with her.

Ahh, one of our favorites. Moo will feel very, very cowfortable in this all cotton, soft and comfy, wonderful coverup. The bottom is pure Holstein Spots accented by pink straps.

The top is quite unbelievably a picture of a cow on one side and a sparking 'got milk? It's also a very hi-fashion quality bikini stetch lycra. If moo ever did find this is a store it would be a very hi fashion Mailbu type of shop they are very expensive! Sizes are small to extra large but the extra large is for a tall women.. Also, due to the nature of this item they are NOT for return or refund at all!!!! Beach Moo-niac Skim board! Skim boards are FUN! Just wait fro the wave to break and 'skim' in the beach!

If moo are from Cow-lifornia and moo know who you are these are a 'must. Skim board has Outraegous graphic s of a cow and says 'Moove it ". Skim board has Holstein graphic nd sez 'Moove it ". If the above bikini isn't quite for moo, why not get this cow squeezie wearing a bikini?

It is by far our largest squeezie about 5 inches tall. Nothing beats a good sense of humor, don't moo agree? The Ulti-moo-te belt buckle! Wear'em with pride this is a wonderful bright blue metal belt buckle with of course Holstein emblazoned on the buckle.

Shimmering shiny reflective and realtively large, they will see moo coming! Limited edition for sure.. Some folks would say this is a baseball cap, but it is much more. This is a very fashionable cap indeed.

It has a high profile. Moo-lieve it or not this cap looks like some ultra hip wardrobes in L. Moo won't ever find something like this in a 'bargain store' - yet here they are at 'bargain store' prices! Having said all of that, if you are looking for a baseball cap Yes, we DO wish they all could be Cowlifornia Girls. Beautifully emboridered in PINK stitching. Lets Not forget there are more cows Upstate then there are people Manhattan!

Cap is adjustible so it fits all! You won't moo-lieve this. Put these beautifully packaged 'cow to the max' boxer shorts in water and they become an adult sized, high quality cotton boxer. This is just too much fun we would carry this product even if they were not 'shrunken' they are such high quality shorts. Stay cool when it's hot with this moo-riffic cow shirt and shorts set.

Looks good and cow comfortable, too! One of our most pop-moo-lar items! One piece capri outfit! Just slip it on! One piece so it's easy to wear. Cute and functional that's a good cow-bination.

It's great for wine and ANY udder bottle. We have it over our olive oil and Chianti Bottles! Why wait to open your wine bottle to de-cow-rate it with a cork stopper?? Corked bottles, open bottles, recorked bottles..

Buy 'em by the bunch! A true 'for the person who has everything' gift. Wonderfully detailed very 'realistic' cow head ona cork stopper. Uncork your wine, eat some cheese then savor them both! Enjoy most of the bottle and let the jokes fly when you cork it with this ridiculousy moo-sterical wine stopper!

Nicer quality at great price, too! This is also a nice, fill sized apron to wear as you barbeque. This is a MUST have item for every home just kidding. Well, it certainly is a cow-ver-sation piece. This is a real. Pull the handle and flatten a tortilla. Not much new here this technology's at least 5, years old. Heck if it ain't broke don''t fix it.. This kids spoon and fork is soo cute, we just had to put it her in Moonique. Definitely the most glossy, funky cow kids spoon and fork moo will ever see.

Spoon and Fork are nicely, individually boxed. For adults and kids, too! These are definitely not for everyone.. Extremely moo-nique pink on pink design is very classy. Whenever moo send these cards the note will be 'remembered' with a lasting impression. Wonderful Pink CowSpot with Green 'pasture' cow design.

Extremely moo-nique and very classy. Nicely packaged for gift giving! Do moo know someone who like to express their thoughts in words? Extremely moo-nique pink spots and green cow design. Moo have all those pens hanging around moo home.. Relive stress and make fun out of daily annoyances when you write your udder disasters down on this very funny note pad. Moo-sery loves company so let everyone know when disaster has struck.

Place a sticky note to escalate the issue! An attention grabber 4 sure! If it is important enough to waste a piece of sticky paper on it then it IS Udderly Important! Beautiful Cow-lor Coordinated Bovines! Choose Moo favorite cow-lors! The most cow-outrageous postcard we have ever seen!

Check out those shades! Write Moo Moosage and address it on the back. Just stick em on moo keyboard and 'instant' Hostein spots.! Too cute yet functional, too. Metal Holstein cow about 5" long hangs from just about anywhere. It is flat so it easily hangs against any wall. Sort of 'opposite' of the big clock above. Tell time on yur desk or even windowsill The top opens and inside is a plastic aquarium about a gallon which is moo-cluded. Suitable for use for terrarium or small animals such as hermit crabs or any fish which can thrive in a goldfish bowl.

You may use it as a 'starter' herb garden Moo won't forget where you put your keys if you put them in here! She's a doll faced porcelain larger figurine with lots of handbags all over her - ready to shop till she drops. She's also a bank and she'll need the noo-lah to do that much shopping!

She's 'wearing' a necklace and has ruby red lipstick lips, too. Put her anywhere and smile, smile,smile. This is one moonique golf club cow-ver. We don't want the grade school kids stealing your golf club covers, but as long as they return them these are lots of fun!

The back has a little tail, too! It is soft and pretty and stuffed with polyester fibers. Put a couple of AA batteries inside and 'press' it.. Having said that, even if you never put the batteries in it at all moo will really love it! Softest 'cushi beaded cow. She is worth the hugs and affection for sure.. Vibrations moo cluded she is quite a sti-moo-lating friend!

Well, stick moo feet in this and it vibrates giving moo a geat foot moo-sage! Kind of like two slippers stuck together.. Anyway put moo feet in it and feel the good vibrations!

Relax for a change moo deserve it! Much larger 'pillow' about 20 inches each edge. Looks like a 'ffotrest' to us but certainly may be used ans a pillow or decowration. Very nice quality oto a great additon to any cow space! One of the most moonique plush cows will ever see. Smiling Face yet larger 'cow' sized, too. Makes you feel right at home leaning up against her.

Cow-fordably turn any ordinary bed with white sheets into a 'must-see' stunning cow cow-lectors's dream bed! Better than sleeping on a bale of hay! All cotton for a great night's sleep. Block out everything and get some beauty rest moo are entitled to quiet time for moo-self. Bobble Heads are the best! How many times a day do you use your keys?

Now you can LOL whe you do this little gal is too cute! Moo-ve this little squeaky keychain and the goo-goo eyes go ga-ga! Watch'em roll outta control they are sooo cow-mical! A very moo-nique keychain. You won't loose your keys because you'll like the keychain too much!

Key covers are useful, but why be boring with a generic green, blue or red cover. This cow key cover is for moo or anyone moo know who has a key! Here it is the only Croc Holstein-esque shoe charm we have ever seen!

Croc Shoes NOT moocluded but moo probably have a pair of them, anyway! The little cow on top with the 'dangling' arms and legs is re-moo-vable pencil sharpener, too! This is, moo-lieve it or not, a genuine I Love Lucy cowllectible licensed product in the box with authentic I love Lucy emblems. It is a true cowllectible each piece is numbered there were only made in total. This the real deal. If you love Lucy, and who doesn't, get your hands on this episode 3 'Carmen Miranda' Lucy cow where Lucy gets all dresssed up with baskets of fruit on her head.

It is and extremely detailed high quality and very colorful piece. Ethel and Fred would be proud of you. Too good to be true. That looks just like someone we know! Office manager gift, perhaps??

Who need the cream when you can have the whole cow?? Simply Moo-ti-ful her udders go right into the cow-fee!!! Designer hat, designer glasses. Definitely on her way to Rodeo Drive, the Magnificent Mile or 5th Avenue this is no bargain hunter that's for sure! And this moon has LOTs of cow-raters so she'll be sure to want to jump the heck right over it as soon as possible. The flowered lei around her neck it way too cool!

Back to the 50's - doesn't make a difference though cows haven't changed and neither has Elvis! Get it and its always the year old the cow!

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