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America's Next Top Model Host Tyra Banks pits aspiring models against one another in a series of challenges inspired by fashion and beauty. Each week, one more contestant is eliminated as the search for America's Next Top Model continues.

The first half of the season is recalled. Retrieved June 13, The Girl Who is Co-Dependent. The final five must battle it off in go-sees in Shanghai. One girl becomes obsessed with moisture, while another proves she a good liar.

America's Next Top Model Host Tyra Banks pits aspiring models against one another in a series of challenges inspired by fashion and beauty. Each week, one more contestant is eliminated as the search for America's Next Top Model continues.
The models learn personality goes a long way as they are challenged to design an avatar for the new
The episode ended in a cliffhanger, with the elimination resuming at the beginning of the next episode. In the beginning of episode 10, Justin was eliminated from the .
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Back stabbing all around in this episode of America's Next top model. Jayla steals some of Nik's lines while Coryn spits out some angry lines of her own at Lisa. Ep The Girls Are 's Pin-Ups. 26 October The inspiration for today's photo shoot is the 's Pin-Up girl style. The girls pose for a potential car advertisement.
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Back stabbing all around in this episode of America's Next top model. Jayla steals some of Nik's lines while Coryn spits out some angry lines of her own at Lisa. Ep The Girls Are 's Pin-Ups. 26 October The inspiration for today's photo shoot is the 's Pin-Up girl style. The girls pose for a potential car advertisement.

The girls get fashion advice from stylist Rebecca Weinberg. Afterwards, they are taken to a shopping spot to find a fashionable outfit to wear. When the girls are The Girls Meet Taye Diggs. The remaining girls are surprised with a visit by actor Taye Diggs. That's not the only surprise -- shortly after the girl's finish their acting exercise, Tyra The Girl Who Goes Ballistic.

A recap of the previous episodes of the season, this episode highlights the memorable moments and never-before-seen clips.

Among the moments never-before-seen include As the competition quickly comes to a close, the girls are taken to a tea house to learn the ancient technique of a proper tea ceremony. One girl has more difficulty It's down to the Final Four girls and they are given a lesson in Tokyo street fashion.

And for the first time on ANTM a girl is late and it might cost her more than On the finale for Cycle 3, the final three do a photoshoot that will be the ad for Covergirl Cosmetics if they win. Wearing sparkling tops and posing on a zenlike What the Divas Are Doing Now. The Girl Who is a Lady Kat. The Final 14 are: The finalists are taken headfirst into their first challenge, a dramatic photoshoot where they pose as aliens taking over LA.

One girl's attitude worsens during the The Girl Who Suddenly Collapsed. The girls have a sporty runway challenge, and the winner walks away with something extra special. At elimination, one girls ends up in the hospital.

The Girl with the Worst Photo in History. The girls are faced with a dual challenge. At the photo shoot, one girls breaks away from her usual habits, while another falls into a bad one. The Girl Who is Contagious. When Jay greets them for their next photoshoot, the girls are surprised to learn they will be turned into a different ethnicity. The girls are taught first hand how they shouldn't sign a contract without knowing what it is. Tyra gives them a few pointers about the business side of modeling, Tyra gets upset with Tiffany, when she is sent home and she doesn't represent any sadness, while Rebecca, who is also eliminated, cries her eyes out.

The girls are put on the spot in this week's challenge. One girl has a hard time disassociating the photo shoot from her personal life. The Girls the Lionesses Are Hunting.

The girls go to South Africa and learn about the country's fashion and history. The girls make their own outfits out of items they find in the nature surrounding the place of the shoot.

The Girl Who Is Special. Keenyah wins a dance challenge where her belief that she is special irritates the other contestants; then she and Brittany get into a huge confrontation. This was the recap episode for season 4. The Girl Who Walks on Water. Return to the Runway. See what some of this season's contestants have been up to since the season finale.

The Girl with the Twisted Catch Phrase. Cycle five premieres with 13 new aspiring models competing in an impromptu fashion show. This season the girls will live together in a Bel Air mansion. The Girls Become Super Heroes. The Girl Who Needs a Miracle. The remaining girls go and get a makeover. Cassandra, cries about her new short hair, not knowing it was a mistake. At the photo shoot, the girls pair up and go head The Girl Who Makes a Disclaimer.

Sarah and Kim's relationship heats up while Cassandra's getting hot and bothered by her short hair, and not in a good way. The girls learn how to walk the walk, The return of Janice Dickinson! The girls have to reveal their greatest flaw and learn how to turn that flaw into something great.

And for the photoshoot, the girls Back stabbing all around in this episode of America's Next top model. Jayla steals some of Nik's lines while Coryn spits out some angry lines of her own at Lisa. The Girls Are 's Pin-Ups.

The inspiration for today's photo shoot is the 's Pin-Up girl style. The girls pose for a potential car advertisement. A recap of the show so far, with unseen footage. The girls meet a previous ANTM winner, do a wild phtoshoot and one of the girls wins the chance to appear on Veronica Mars.

Emotions explode when one model is confronted about constantly talking behind her competitors' backs, and "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Kevin Frazier teaches The Girl Who Retaliates.

Alexander to pose like statues in a park, the models find the task to be a little too realistic as they're swarmed by pigeons, and after one The Girl Who Takes a Pill.

With only three models remaining, the girls are first challenged to shoot a CoverGirl commercial and a national print ad, and after one competitor is eliminated, The Cycle 5 Reunion. Tyra Banks hosts this revealing one-hour look back and ahead as all of the models, including the recently crowned winner, are reunited for the first time on television Where the Girls Are.

The two-hour premiere episode devoted an hour to narrowing 32 contestants to 13 finalists, and the second hour featured the first photo shoot and elimination. The Girls Go Bald. In this episode, the twelve remaining contestants received makeovers. Some were dramatic, such as Jade's short blond cut Nnenna's head being shaved, Sara's sides being This episode featured the eleven remaining contestants practicing the runway. Like contestants from past cycles, several girls tripped or fell during the challenge and Episode four featured the girls receiving lessons on commercial and high-fashion posing.

Their challenge was to model for a Sears catalogue, using the four seasons as In the sixth episode, the girls learned about improv by attending a workshop at The Groundlings. Later, the girls put their skills to use in a challenge led by Nick On this episode, the contestants learned the "runway twirl" from the Aswirl Twins.

They put their knowledge to the test in a church fashion show challenge. The Girl Who Has Surgery. In this week's episode the contestants were critiqued quite harshly by a woman later revealed to be an actress, whose tactless remarks were aimed to irk. This episode began with a session of press training, in which the final six contestants were taught how to deal with difficult interview questions and given pointers This episode is not an actual episode that progresses the story of the sixth cycle of ANTM, but it shows a 'behind-the-scenes' look at each of the episodes up to this While in Thailand, the girls competed by learning and performing an intricate Thai dance and perform in front of judges.

While Furonda's performance made the Thai The Girls Go To Phuket. It's down to Joanie, Jade and Danielle. While Joanie and Jade do well in the shooting of the CoverGirl commercial, Danielle continues to struggle with her Southern In the two-hour season premiere, hopefuls from all around the country are narrowed down to thirteen contestants, but before the judges make their decisions about who The final thirteen participate in their first challenge, and one model is eliminated. The models are given makeovers, but one contestant is not pleased with her new look.

Also, Queen Latifah guest stars and judges a makeup challenge. The Girl Who Goes to Texas. Past participants join three of this season's models in a fashion show, a model gets sick and enters the hospital, and the girls are put to the test on a runway The Girl Who Joined the Circus. A contortionist teaches the models how to strike extreme poses, which they later use in a circus-themed photo shoot. Back at the house, gossip leaves one woman in tears.

The Girl Who Punk'd Ashton. Janice Dickinson shocks the models at a red-carpet challenge; at a photo shoot, the women pose as celebrity couples. Later, another model is eliminated from the The Girl Who Graduates. Tyra shows up for an unexpected photo shoot but the ladies struggle to get in touch with their sexy side.

As the finale quickly approaches, this episode looks back at the contestants' journeys throughout the season, including Monique's kitchen meltdown, Jaeda's best Tyra The Girl Who Wrecks the Car. The Girl Who Breaks Down.

During an intense acting challenge, one model chastises the group while another reveals something traumatic in her past. Later, the models freak out when Tyra delivers The models hit the foreign streets with their portfolios to meet local designers, but one model has a breakdown when she gets lost in the city.

Later, at the photo The Girl Who Grates. In Barcelona, the models' nerves are wearing thin. After a Flamenco photo shoot challenge, one girl breaks down in tears when her dancing is criticized.

The last three models standing must be on point for the most important commercial and photo shoot yet. The two models that shine at the shoot will remain and compete In part one of the eighth season premiere, 32 aspiring models are flown to Los Angeles, where they are immediately thrust into model boot-camp with J.

In part two of the eighth season premiere, the final 13 girls move into their flamboyant Hollywood Hills mansion and are off to their first, and quite controversial, Alexander coaches the girls on how to work the runway and puts their skills to the test when they participate in a prom-themed fashion show. It's makeover time, and chaos unfolds as one girl's makeover is changed twice and another's new look is painful. Meanwhile, a call from home leaves one girl Benny Ninja instructs the girls in a posing lesson, which leads to the models being tested in a challenge where they must duck, dive, and pose through a laser maze The Girl Who Takes Credit.

The girls are in for some tough calls when they are broken up into teams and asked to design their own group displays at a department store - all while acting as their In what promises to be the most dramatic episode of America's Next Top Model to date, Twiggy gives the girls a history lesson on how she got her nickname and asks each The Girl Who Impresses Pedro.

The girls' acting skills are put to the test when actress Tia Mowry gives the group an acting lesson, after which they are put to the test with actor Efren Ramirez The girls get interviewing lessons to prepare for their trip down under in Sydney, Australia. Once there, they must use what they have learned about hosting and use it In this special recap episode, never-before-seen footage about the journey of the five remaining contestants is revealed, including a heated argument between two girls The remaining five contestants are sent on a mission to impress Australian designers in their go sees.

While there, one model shocks designers by requesting to keep The girls are taught about the art of self expression and storytelling and are later put to the test when they must tell stories of their own using their new skills The three finalists are ultimately put to the test in their final photo shoot and commercial for CoverGirl. Things do not go so well when one model struggles to look The Girls Go Cruisin'. In the ninth season premiere, the new 33 semifinalists are sent out on a cruise to the Caribbean, where they take part in a life-jacket runway challenge and The Models Go Green.

The models are introduced to their new "green" form of transportation by Jay Manuel. Later on, they move into their mansion and J. Alexander gives them a lesson on The Girls Go Rock Climbing. The fabulous Miss J surprises the ladies with a surprising lesson that requires straightjackets to improve their runway walks. Meanwhile, the models decide to help one The Girl Who Goes Bald.

It's makeover time, and the models are in for drastic change. However, one model breaks down when she is told that she will get all her hair cut off. Benny Ninja takes the models for a lesson on high fashion posing on high grounds as the models are required to pose in the air while jumping off a trampoline and later The girls get a lesson on how to be a spokesperson and later must improvise a sales pitch and divide into groups to create public service announcements for charity As the finale quickly approaches, viewers get a chance to see new exclusive footage of the remaining models' journey thus far.

Some of the feature clips include The Girls Who Crawl. The ladies are paid a surprise visit by none other than Tyra Banks herself, who gives them a lesson on how to pose for a moving camera. The ladies meet with student designers and must be their muses in creating a dress. The next day they must work the runway and give a speech about their creations The Girls Go to Shanghai. The models are greeted with a penthouse suite in Shanghai.

After that, they learn a lesson on body movement and have to pose midair on high wires. The final five must battle it off in go-sees in Shanghai. While in the challenge, some girls get praises from designers while others just fall flat. The Girls Go to the Great Wall. The fantastic four participate in a challenge where they must turn a traditional Chinese garment into their own. During the task, one model purposefully gives another The ninth season finishes with the last three contestants shooting a cosmetics commercial.

Then, one is sent home and and the final two compete in a runway show is Welcome to Top Model Prep. Jay Manuel and Miss J. They shoot a class photo before commencing runway lessons with Miss J. The girls are taken to their loft in New York City featuring a humanitarian theme. Amy decides to change her name to "Amis". To Amis, Fatima and Kimberly's The girls receive Apple Bottoms apparel that come in white purses. Allison gets offended when Fatima tells her that she has a larger body than hers, and Allison They have 90 seconds to change into proper outfits, but Fatima Top Model Takes It to the Streets.

The girls meet posing instructor Benny Ninja, who teams up with supermodel Vendela Kirsebom to teach the girls the different poses for catalogue, commercial and This episode starts with Dominique's alarm clock going off sporadically throughout the night, irritating her roommates, mostly Claire.

Tension mounts when Lauren, Tension brews when Lauren accidentally dumps away Fatima's unfinished coffee. While Fatima remains calm, Lauren starts swearing at Fatima. The girls arrive at the Top Model 10 Confidential. This was the cycle's recap episode. It reviewed the first seven episodes and showed some never-before-seen footage, including Stacy Ann singing to the judges during The girls learn about interview skills from Paulina Porizkova.

Lauren cuts the tip of her thumb while chopping onions and needs stitches. The girls arrive in Rome, where they tour the city before going to their new home.

Not long after, Fatima comes down with a fever and Anya helps her by bringing her The girls are brought to a gladiator fighting school, where fighting instructor, Alex Mariotti, teaches them the basics of gladiator fighting. Ready for My Close-Up. In order to better understand their role in front of the camera, the girls are given a lesson in photography.

This is followed by a challenge in which they must direct And The Winner Is? The remaining three girls are put to the test when they have to shoot a commercial and a photo shoot for CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara. It is revealed that the winner of The Notorious Fierce Fourteen.

The fourteen finalists are driven to their homebase loft in Los Angeles, California. Beauty Is Personality Episode The models learn personality goes a long way as they are challenged to design an avatar for the new "America's Next Top Model" mobile game.

Later, the ladies tap into their inner video vixen. Beauty Is Real Episode The dream of being a PAPER Magazine cover girl soon becomes a nightmare for the top six as they're assigned personas out of their comfort zones. Later, the contestants attend a series of go-sees in an effort to win over real wor. Beauty Is Movement Episode 9. In the midst of movement and chaos, the models must master the art of motion whether it be on the ground or in a parachute.

Beauty Is Social Episode 8. The top seven transform into media mavens in order to compete in a digital campaign for supermodel Jourdan Dunn's clothing line, Londunn. Later, the models attempt to break the Internet as they pose alongside male models. Beauty Is Raw Episode 7. They did a photo shoot called fierce a grams. After the deliberations Hadassah was eliminated. November 6, [30]. The remaining contestants presented business ideas for a challenge.

They did a photo shoot in the dark. After the deliberations, Devin was eliminated. November 13, [31] The remaining contestants did a Nylon challenge. They posed with their mothers for their photo shoot. After the deliberation, Lacey and Mikey were in the bottom two but no one was eliminated. November 20, [32]. The remaining contestants battle it out for the spot in the finale.

They did a Nylon shoot and Zappos Couture shoot. December 4, [33]. The final four presented their business presentation where in Nyle and Mame were chosen as the finalists. The final two battle it out for Rocky Gathercole. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from America's Next Top Model cycle This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 12 August Tyra Banks Kelly Cutrone J.

The seven eliminated models up to that point received a complete set of scores for participating in the challenge and shoot, with the highest score winning the opportunity to return to the competition. They were revealed from lowest to highest as being Ashley, Delanie, Bello, Courtney, Ava and Stefano until Dustin was revealed as the contestant to return.

As a result, neither of them was eliminated from the competition. The eliminations in episode 16 happened without scoring. Lacey and Mikey were both were tied for third place.

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Each season of America's Next Top Model has from 9–16 episodes and starts with 10–16 contestants. Contestants are judged weekly on their overall appearance, participation in challenges, and best shot from that week's photo shoot; each episode, one contestant is eliminated, though in rare cases a double elimination or non-elimination was given by consensus of the judging exploreblogirvd.gqted by: Tyra Banks, Rita Ora. Supermodel legend Tyra Banks returns as host alongside returning judges Ashley Graham, Law Roach and Drew Elliott where they welcome 26 aspiring models to . America's Next Top Model Host Tyra Banks pits aspiring models against one another in a series of challenges inspired by fashion and beauty. Each week, one more contestant is eliminated as the search for America's Next Top Model continues.